Our philosophy can be summed up in one short phrase:

“There is a better way.”

Junior Golf

The Jon Bullas Golf Academy offers the finest Junior Instruction Program in the Sarasota-Bradenton-Lakewood Ranch area. We offer individual coaching sessions as well as after school programs. Whether a beginner or an advanced high school player we have a program that will fit your needs. Jon has coached junior players of all abilities from beginners to AJGA winners. Numerous players have gained NCAA scholarships at Auburn, Ole Miss, Brown, UNF, Florida Southern, USF, UCF, FAU and more… Junior 1 Hour – A coaching session designed to be age and skill specific. Build solid fundamentals in a relaxed and fun environment. Juniors (Aged 6- 16).

The US Kids Golf Program

Based on our twenty years of experience and the more than one million young golfers served by U.S. Kids Golf, the Academy understands that children learn differently than adults – and knowing how each learns means we can coach both groups in a more enjoyable and productive way.

Our Academy Believes:

  • In games-based learning.
  • Parents play a vital role in their children’s progress.
  • Optimal performance happens when people are having fun!

The US Kids Golf Academy Provides Each Golfer With:

  • Complimentary club-fitting and use of equipment.
  • Gender and age specific programs.
  • A comprehensive learning curriculum with ability to track progress.
  • Video analysis of your golf swing.
  • Instruction led by U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches.
Proudly Coaching Juniors in the
U.S. Kids Sarasota Tour

What Parents are Saying

We have had an amazing relationship with Jon Bullas over the last three years. Our two sons Beni and Alex have flourished under Jon's expertise. Jon has developed a following in junior golf, such that his reputation speaks for itself. Both of our boys are moving to Lakewood Ranch from Canada for high school, and a key factor in their golf development will be working with Jon. It is our family's experience that role models such as Jon can have a lasting positive impact on young athletes.
Richard & Jillian Long
Proud Parents
Our son 11-year-old son has attended Jon Bullas’ Golf Academy for the past three years and we could not have asked for a better coaching experience. Jon is amazing with junior golfers because he relates so well with them. He is a gifted instructor that makes the hard work of golf fun for younger players as they learn this amazing game. Thank you Jon for all you have done to develop our son.
Roger Kaufman
Proud Dad
Jon Bullas is a complete PGA Professional as well as a highly talented junior golf coach. He takes pride in each and every one of his pupils/Junior players. He thoroughly works up the strengths and weaknesses of the golf swing. As a US Kids Golf Director Jon takes great pride in a job that is very demanding. He makes each and every player feel welcome to the Tour, no matter what their skill level. He is extremely organized and works through each and every tournament as if it were a Regional or State event as well as makes sure every player is safe out on the course during both severe hot temperatures and inclement weather. Jon Bullas works tirelessly in both instruction and the US Kids Golf Tour to put out an A rated experience which is appreciated by all of the parents and players involved in the Sarasota area.
David Bradshaw
"Our 10 year old son Chase, started playing golf 4 years ago. He was seeing a local golf professional in our neighborhood after school several days a week. His tournament scores were not getting below 50 on 9 holes. This was very frustrating for Chase since he was putting in a lot of time. We heard a lot of great things about Jon Bullas and his golf academy. Chase started with Jon several days a week and he almost immediately started shooting in the 40s! Chase most recently shot a 36 on 9 at the US Kids World Championships! To see Jon was a huge commitment for our family. We drove, 3 days a week, 35 - 45 mins to see him after school and did so for over 2 years! Jon not only is an amazing coach, but he is a great mentor to our kids. His golf academy is very well known and the kids that see him turn their game around."
Tiffany & Barry Nicks
Proud Parents

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