Full Swing

Using TRACKMAN Launch Monitor and high speed video your swing will be analyzed and measured. Combining your movement pattern and ball flight we will make the changes that are necessary to produce a more efficient swing that creates the desired ball flight. Incorporate drills and exercises to help speed up the improvement. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.

Jon Bullas Indoor Golf Studio
Jon is the Co-Founder of NXGEN Golf, Sarasota’s only indoor Trackman Golf Simulator studio. NXGEN Golf is a state of the art indoor training and practice center powered by three Trackman Golf simulators offering Golf coaching away from the elements of heat and rain associated with Florida. The studio is open 9am until 9pm to allow you to fit your practice around your schedule. To schedule a Trackman lesson please email: jon@jonbullas.com
Short Game

The short shots require precision that comes from good technique. The address position is vital to chipping, pitching and sand shots. Understanding how the wedge works and interacts with the turf or sand is crucial to improving your short game.  You can have an in depth session on one area or share your session with a few types of short shots.


Gain an understanding how your stroke can create a square impact required to roll the ball. Looking at the ball performance we can make adjustments to your stroke to produce optimum launch and spin on the ball.  Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.

AimPoint Green Reading

The World’s #1 Green Reading system is a putting solution that integrates Read, Speed, and Aim.  Jon is proud to be the only Certified Instructor in Sarasota and offers both individual and group sessions.

Playing Lesson

Play 9 holes focusing on the factors that help you improve at playing the game.  Course management, pre-shot routine, green reading, etiquette and more…

Lessons available in:

  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Hour
  • Half Day Sessions
kids pic
Junior Golf

The Jon Bullas Golf Academy offers the finest Junior Instruction Program in the Sarasota-Bradenton-Lakewood Ranch area. We offer individual coaching sessions as well as after school programs. Whether a beginner or an advanced high school player we have a program that will fit your needs.

Jon has coached junior players of all abilities from beginners to AJGA winners. Numerous players have gained NCAA scholarships at Auburn, Ole Miss, Brown, UNF, Florida Southern, USF, UCF, FAU and more…

Junior 1 Hour – A coaching session designed to be age and skill specific. Build solid fundamentals in a relaxed and fun environment. Juniors (Aged 6- 16).