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Over 25 years of worldwide experience with individualized Golf Instruction


Jon Bullas offers in-person golf lessons at Laurel Oak Country Club

Over 25 years of global expertise

Jon Bullas provides top-tier golf coaching at Laurel Oak Country Club using advanced TRACKMAN technology, specializing in both swing mechanics and the short game.
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The Jon Bullas Golf

Jon brings over 25 years of worldwide experience in the game of golf to you. Through gaining knowledge of playing the game at every level, Jon has created a holistic approach to coaching. Studying every area of the game with some of the worlds greatest instructors has helped Jon develop his proven teaching system. Players of all ages and abilities can learn all aspects of the game.

Students learn using state of the art TRACKMAN launch monitor and high speed video analysis technology at the world class facilities of Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota.

Short Game Specialist

Many years of experience coaching has led Jon to be exposed to the best short game coaches in the world.  In turn this allows Jon to share his knowledge with his students on all areas of the short game; pitching, chipping, bunker shots, putting, green reading and more…

YouTube Video Tips

Here you’re going to find lots of instructional videos, swing tips and drills to help you with your game. Don’t see an answer to your personal swing issue? Or a golf subject that you’d like to know more about? Then reach out and I’ll add the video to my golf tips list. Make sure you hit subscribe on this channel so that you can see all of my future videos.

"Jon Bullas is the best swing instructor I have seen in years. His knowledge of the swing mechanics mixed with his high level of communication skills makes the lessons very simple. As a tour pro, keeping things simple is key to improving my game. I recommend Jon to any level of player looking to improve their golf game."
Joey Lamielle
Tour Professional