1 Hour – Using TRACKMAN and high speed video your swing will be analyzed and measured. Combining your movement pattern and ball flight we will make the changes that are necessary to produce a more efficient swing that creates the desired ball flight. Incorporate drills and exercises to help speed up the improvement. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.

2 Hour – This gives the player an extended Video Lesson and TrackMan Launch Monitor evaluation. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you along with the TrackMan results.

Short Game – The short shots require precision that comes from good technique. The address position is vital to chipping, pitching and sand shots. You can have an in depth session on one area or share your session with a few types of short shots.

SAM PuttLab Putting Lesson – Gain an understanding how your stroke can create a square impact required to roll the ball. Looking at the ball performance we can make adjustments to your stroke to produce optimum spin on the ball. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.

Playing Lesson – Play 9 holes under our guidance. Focusing on the factors that help you improve as a player. Course management, pre-shot routine, green reading, etiquette and more…

Half Day School – Custom design your three hour session to suit your needs. This can include an intense swing session or total game evaluation. Share the experience with a partner or friend. Available:

Mon-Fri 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm.