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How Many “Strokes” did You Actually Take?

The USGA defines a stroke as “the forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball, but if a player checks his downswing voluntarily before the clubhead reaches the ball he has not made a stroke.” This means you do not actually have to touch the ball for […]


Shafts Explained

Many amateur golfers don’t seem to realize the importance of having golf clubs that are properly fitted to their game. One important piece of the fitting process is getting the right shaft to match your swing. So let’s talk about the flex of a golf club shaft. The flex of a golf club basically refers […]


Rule 26-1: Ball In Water Hazard

Meaning of “Known or Virtually Certain” The PGA Tour is getting ready to head to Pebble Beach. This is a great time to remind everyone of the sometimes confusing “ball in hazard” rule. Let’s take a closer look at determining if your ball is even in a water hazard or not. When a ball has […]


The Importance of Lag Putting

During these months where the days are shorter and temperatures are lower, it is a great opportunity to focus closer to the hole.  You can groove your golf swing and make those necessary adjustments, but a majority of players have trouble with their putting.  Especially their long putting.  Don’t discount this part of the game […]